Lisbon and Porto – hidden jewels of Europe?

Overview During the 4 months I spent in Europe, I visited a number of highly popular cities including the likes of Rome, Amsterdam, London, Berlin, etc. While these cities are undoubtedly beautiful and eye-opening, they are unfortunately almost always clogged with throngs of tourists. Sad to say, many of the attractions have turned into tourist … More Lisbon and Porto – hidden jewels of Europe?

NUS Biathlon 2016

Two Saturdays ago, Bertrand and I raced in the open category of NUS Biathlon 2016. This was the second consecutive year that we had taken part in the NUS Biathlon. Last year’s edition of the race was held at Siloso Beach; if you’re familiar with Sentosa you would know that there’s an artificial island a couple of hundred metres offshore … More NUS Biathlon 2016