About Us

Yip and Bert

Formerly sprint canoeists, Bertrand (Bert) and Jian Yang (Yip) are fitness enthusiasts cum travel addicts. They spend their free time running long distances, doing endless laps in the pool, or working out in the gym. Their idea of travelling is backpacking through epic mountains and valleys.

They’ve decided to use this website as a platform to share their fitness and travel stories, and hopefully inspire others to chase their dreams. Currently, Bert and Yip have their sights set on completing a full Ironman in the near future, and it is currently a work-in-progress 😀

Join us in our EPIC ADVENTURE as we embark on a journey to fitness, roam the depths of Earth and uncover its wonders through our lens!

The Authors

Bert Intro PicFitspo Bert

Having a track record of spraining both ankles at once in Brunei didn’t stop this crazy guy from chasing his fitness dreams. He once outran a MRT train travelling from Nicoll Highway to Esplanade! 

“For every second I’m alive, I will test the limits of the mind, body and spirit” 😌

yip-intro-pic-01-01.jpegHotshot Yip 

While sometimes described as a frog or fish because of his affiliation to water sports, JY loves all things endurance-related. He has attempted to hike on routes as far north as the Arctic Circle and has taken part in more half and full marathons than can be counted with two hands.

His best run ever was the 2013 Army Half Marathon where he completed 21.1km in 1 hour and 28 minutes. 😎