Daily 10-Minute Workout Routine – Anytime, Anywhere


Have you ever found yourself skipping a workout after a tiring day at work? Or maybe you wanted to exercise at the gym but you’re clueless about what you should do. That was me at some point in time, and yes it can be challenging to maintain a good shape.

The road to health and fitness can be daunting at the start, but it doesn’t have to be this way for you!

If exercise and fitness are one of your biggest obstacles in life (hopefully not), it’s about time to change that false perception of yours. In fact, being REALISTIC and SIMPLE is the best way to achieving your fitness goals. All you need are these three little things to get you started on the right track:

  • 10 minutes
  • Workout routine
  • Consistency

1. Don’t Squeeze Out Time. Set a Time to Workout Instead!

Being busy is no excuse. If you have the time to read this article or scroll through your social media feeds for hours, you can definitely make time for a 10-minute workout 😊

My advice: allocate a specific period every day where you can exercise. It can be before you go to work/school in the morning, before lunch, or prior to having your dinner in the evening – whatever floats your boat!

Having a fixed period (e.g. 7:30 AM every morning) for your workout is recommended because your body will be accustomed to exercise at this pre-determined time every day, and you don’t have to think twice about it. It’s the same logic as eating your lunch at 12 PM every day, you just drop everything you’re doing and just go for it.

2. Find a Routine, With Some Variation

For the longest of time, I have been scrolling through countless YouTube videos, trying out various routines ranging from 3 minutes to 20 minutes. Finding the right workout is tough indeed – one that actually makes you feel like you’ve burnt some calories and perspired enough. My favourites are those with no equipment required so I can exercise in the comfort of my home, or while I’m travelling. Here are some of my personal recommendations from my recent workout trial-and-error experience:

Level: High Intensity!

For the above three workouts, I suggest using a yoga mat as Pamela did in her videos. You can get a cheap mat for under $10 from Decathlon or any other sports shops. What I love about her workout videos is her kickass music remix and the timer on the screen. Those two things are crucial for me to last throughout the intense session. Almost every other workout video I’ve watched is full of nonsense talk at the start. But this is the best: Zero Talk, All Action.

These recommended workout routines are suitable for both men and women alike. You’d be surprised at how intense it is, even for the “supposedly fit” ones like me. I have been alternating between the first two workouts on weekdays (haven’t tried the third one – the booty), and it has been giving me the kicks so far!

Alternatively, you can try out some of these below which are more manageable and for a shorter duration:

Level: Low-to-Medium Intensity

Bowflex’s videos come up with a timer on the screen as well, with 2 demonstrators and a coach in the middle who is there to encourage you every second of the way! 😊

In addition, it’s best if you can watch these workout videos on a sufficiently big screen so you can follow the exercises easily without having to strain your eyes while looking at your smartphone. I usually connect my laptop to the television using a HDMI cable and stream the videos directly.

3. Consistency is Key

Honestly, there’s not much point to trying all of these if you are just going to be active for a few days and go back to square one. What you really need is just 10 minutes a day and the motivation to keep going. Even 4-5 times of 10-minute exercises a week are better than weekly one-hour sessions at the gym. The more you do it, and the higher the frequency, the better it is for you to sustain your fitness goals. Do the workouts at your own pace and you will slowly improve within weeks or months. 

The most important takeaway is that every little bit of effort you put in each day will accumulate into something significant in the future.

Having a daily workout routine may not be part of your lifestyle now, but it’s definitely worth a try since it only takes less than 1% of your time every day. 😉

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